Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Auto Review: the Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner

It's a long name for a car, and I don't quite see how they're going to fit all that text on the back without it looking tacky. But it's a Bentley, dammit, so I guess they're already halfway there.

I've never written an auto review, but after seeing and reading about this car I simply couldn't help myself. Autoblog says it's got a "tackle box with tools, cotton, hooks, and feathers to tie flies, and it includes four reel cases milled from solid aluminum." And don't forget a set of china tableware, which any self-respecting fly fisherman will have on hand -- and an electronic dehumidifier, because, really, what fly fisherman likes moisture?

It's definitely the kind of car that welcomes wet waders. Check it out:

So when I saw this I just knew I had to write a car review. So here goes. Well, at least the start of it:

ASSHOLE, the custom plate I wanted for my new Bentley Bentayga, was unfortunately already taken. A Porsche driver had it, said the DMV. Bummer. I had to go with PRICK, but only because DOUCHEBAG was too long to fit. As a cardiothoracic surgeon who’s also a fly fisherman, there was really no choice but to buy this car…

(Our fly fishing staff recommends: If you're a few dollars short of being able to afford a Bentley, check out's Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Arguing with Women

A lonely dispatch from Estonia’s only feminist.

I never had a sister. I’m told this is why I don’t understand women.

A business group I’m a part of recently organized an event for their female membership: a fashion show. Had they asked me – they didn’t – I would have told them the event would do nothing to help women be taken seriously. I mean, why not have a quilting bee or a pole dancing class?

Given the fact that salaries for Estonian women are 30 percent lower on average than salaries for Estonian men, it seems to me that women ought to exert effort to be taken more seriously. I suggested an alternative event to the business group: Bring in a high-flying salary negotiator to teach Estonian women how to approach their bosses and demand more money. After all, the most-cited reason for women being paid less is the fact that they don’t ask for it. But the idea didn’t get much traction.

Passing through Viru Keskus the other day, I came upon a photo (below) of Estonian state prosecutor Kati Reitsak. It was part of an exhibition of the best press photos of 2015. The caption noted that despite Reitsak’s pleasant appearance, she was actually qualified for her job. In Canada, Justin Trudeau himself would lead the charge to tear down that poster. But in Estonia? Not so much.

A friend puts it this way: “I've given up on the argument for equal pay for women in the workplace in Estonia, as I find the people I end up arguing with are mostly women. I think their ideal workplace has women doing all the work except IT support, and a dumb, handsome male boss taking credit for their work, plus flirting with them. Perhaps it's a part of Estonian femininity that they insist on having a guy to defer to even if he's incompetent?"


Loe seda sama eesti keeles Feministeeriumis.
Tantra Man. Got yours?

Monday, March 28, 2016