Thursday, April 2, 2009

DIY Estonia

Want to make a good country better? A little "remont" where you don't have to get your hands dirty? Now's your chance. The whizkids behind Estonia's legendary countryside cleanup (50,000 volunteers, 10,000 tons of crap, one single day) have put together what may be the world's largest brainstorming event. Over 100,000 Estonians will come together on May 1st to discuss how to make the country better--and they want to hear from everyone. This means you.

Here's one appeal to foreigners by my American friend Scott:

Won't you join the effort by taking part in an English-speaking group? (Estonians are also welcome in the English groups--how much fun would it be with only foreigners?) To sign up, write Ms. Liina Parve ( and tell her you want to take part in an English-language group. It's a can't-go-wrong email. At best, you'll help change the country. At worst, you'll make a few new friends.


Incidentally, groups must obtain their own meeting space, and the English group is no exception. If you have access to a space which could accommodate forty people or so (preferably somewhere where we can sit in a circle--but beggars can't be choosers) please write me at