Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Borat's Latvian Sister

A graduate of the Dracula Academy of English, Latvia's Mairita Solima sells spa services in this Latvian promotional video. Anytime you're tempted to complain about EAS, just have a look at this. Latvia’s Minister of Economics, Artis Kampars, has requested the state's tourism development agency provide an explanation for the video, for which the state was billed almost 30,000 euros. It's sure to be an interesting explanation.

NB! Readers report the video is still available on Latvia's Delfi. (Was still working on 19 June.)

And here's the interesting explanation (19.06.09):
Standby News reported the following, summarized from Latvia's business daily: Uldis Vitolins has announced his decision to resign from his post as director of the Latvian State Tourism Development Agency. “This is my final decision and I will not change my mind,” he said. [Who's begging him?] He referred to the agency’s reorganization and the growth of the burden of bureaucracy as the basic reasons for resigning. Vitolins announced his decision to resign after a meeting with Latvia’s economy minister in which he tried to explain away the creation of a low-quality promotional video. The film shows a millionaire [What's the relevance?], Mairita Solima, who in very bad English and a Borat-style manner presents spa services provided in Latvia. The minister wanted to know why LVL 20,000 [30,000 EUR] was necessary for making it with such inferior quality. Vitolins argued that it was simply a demo version.