Friday, May 22, 2009

The Antidote to Public Transportation

The American writer John Gierach used to work as a bicycle messenger in New York City. He carried a kryptonite lock, because, in addition to locking the bike, it was the best for smashing out the lights of taxi cabs who crowded him out of his lane. And that's about the state of bicycling in Estonia. There may be bike lanes, but motorists haven't yet learned that they're for bicycles.

I'm a bicyclist, and I support Eesti Rattarikkaks, Estonia's non-profit organization with the goal to make bike transportation in Estonia as normal as in any other European nation. Dig this video made by one of my friends on the occasion of Estonia's "ride your bike to work day" or something along those lines. And, by the way, Scott, are you sure you've got the rights to that Beatles song?

If you're a bicyclist and want to throw in with this gang, visit here.