Saturday, May 16, 2009

Europe Imitates Bollywood

Eurovision is usually a trashy spectacle and perhaps this year is no exception. But since the Russians do trashy spectacles like no one else can, maybe that explains why I like it so much this year. A couple of questions and a few observations:

What I don’t get about Eurovision:

1. How does Israel get invited? Since when were they in Europe? And why isn’t Palestine included?

2. Why did France send Patricia Kaas when everyone else sent amateurs? Is this like the Russians attempting to beat the Americans in the Olympics by pitting their pro hockey players against the Americans’ collegiates? (And note that UK brings out the big gun, Andrew Lloyd Webber.) Shouldn't there be a rule against this?

3. Why did Germany not have to compete in the semifinals? Does this have to do with their special relationship with Russia and the pipeline?

My favorites, by the way:

Moldova. Great dancing, singing, catchy tune. I wouldn’t buy the album, but almost. They’re my pick to win, and I’m publishing this story before the winner is announced just in case (23:53, Estonia time).

Estonia. Thank you, Sven Lõhmus, for not giving us English-language drivel this year. You’ll probably get a riigiorden for this one. In the future, may your country be punished by me writing a song in Estonian for every one you write in English.

Denmark. This Eurocountry holds some appeal to me. They might open for Kenny Chesney or play a NASCAR event.

Russia. Bravo. Not afraid at all to be Russian. (This is my second choice for Eurovision winner.)

Norway. That kid is going to get a lot of votes for simply being the cute enough that every woman in Europe will want to take him home. And his song is okay, too.