Sunday, August 9, 2009

Say What?

Several weeks ago I set out to buy the most simple mobile phone available. I carefully researched phones, identified the Nokia model number, and took a printout to my local Elisa dealer. "It'll take three weeks to get that phone," the young lady working the counter reported. "Absolutely nobody wants that kind of phone."

Rather than waiting three weeks, I buckled under pressure and bought the simplest phone in stock. Which happened to have a camera. Now I've found myself using it to record objects which pique my curiosity. Among the recent:

There are the Crips, the Bloods, and now the Ninja Cobras. Obviously one of Tallinn's more dangerous gangs. Can someone explain the Estonian fascination with things Ninja?

This toilet seat available at Bauhaus Estonia for around 400 EEK. I've seen these before, but only in American trailer parks. I have trouble imagining the Estonian home where this might go.

Pepe Enroth doesn't sound Finnish to me, but he's apparently a hit there. This promotional poster discovered about halfway between Rovaniemi and Helsinki. I've never understood the Finns. At all. Perhaps Giustino can explain?